• How Pricing Works?

    We have simplified scrap pricing for you. Just follow our three steps below.

    1. Check the Scrap Commodity Price Benchmark

    Currently we are pricing four scrap commodities: aluminum, ferrous (iron) metal, copper and lead. Prices change daily depending on market conditions.


    More scrap (metal and non-metal) commodities will be added soon.

    2. Go to More Details

    Each scrap commodity is divided into three groups, depending on the quality of the material. Check the kind ("grade") of scrap(s) you have by name or code listed under each scrap commodity group. For more technical details and description on the scrap grades, check the ISRI Scrap Specifications available for download below.

    3. Discount the Price Differential

    Under each scrap commodity, each group has different price differential that change daily depending on market conditions. Based on the kinds/grades that you have, use the percentages to discount from the scrap commodity price benchmark to price the scrap(s) you want to trade.


    We are still in Beta and our price discovery is a work in progress. We are reporting prices for Lebanon. New markets will be added gradually. Prices are reported daily at 16:00 GMT.


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  • Scrap Specifications

    For more technical details on scrap specifications, please check the ISRI guidelines for processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and glass.